Monday, June 6, 2011

Joe DiGuiseppi '02

Joe was featured in the Sunday Chat with Deb Keiser in the News Times on June 5th. Joe spoke about his murals throughout the Danbury community. His last answer was a question about anything hidden or secret in the murals. Joe admitted that he hides dragons in there! He added, "They are always a little bit different, but there is always a dragon." The NewsTimes

Current murals in the greater Danbury area include a mural on a deli wall in Newtown painted when he was 18, two murals at the Greenknoll YMCA in Brookfield, the back parking lot wall for Escape to the Arts, and Danbury's Kennedy Park building which features "Three Worlds", depicting Main Street Danbury, nature and the river as it's people.

In 2009 Joe did a mural for Union Savings on Main Street and most recently a Cityscapes on Crosby Street. Click here to see the article about the Crosby Street mural from August 2010.

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