Monday, February 27, 2012

Newtown Arts at Edmond Town Hall

I met with Ginger Hanrahan MFA '07 at Edmond Town Hall last week. She was excited to show me the space on the main floor that she and four fellow artists are using as a studio and as art space.

She opened this new art space to the public with Kevin Dunn MFA '11, Eileen Tavolacci MFA '11, Betsy Davison MFA '10 and Saba Quraishi-Fiala.

Kevin explained to me that the concept of his next set of classes is something new, something that a beginner artist can use to explore new interests or a veteran artist can try various media. Beginning the week of February 25, Kevin will lead a six-week course entitled "The Art Box." Each week will focus on a different medium, including pastels and acrylics. Supplies are included in the $120 fee for the course.

Ginger teaches painting and drawing courses at Post University in Waterbury. Betsy is a sculpture artist, Eileen specializes in still life painting, Kevin is a landscape artist, and Saba is a textile sculpture artist.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Alan O. Moisio '03

Alan writes, "I'm still doing Home Automation, Smart Home Technology, Theaters, Whole House Audio Systems, Lighting Control, HVAC Control, etc. Its all now controlled by an iPhone/iPad App called g!mobile there is a demo app in the app store if you'd like to check it out. I've owned the business for about 6 years now and its been going great. The company name is Complete Control Systems.

We've got a new website in the works and when its complete I'll forward it over to you. Other than work things are great. I'm still living in Bethel but may be trying to drum up some new clients out towards Rhode Island so I could eventually move to Newport. I will be back and forth between Newport and Bethel all summer, to test the market out there."

Check back here and on the Art News Blog for Alan's new website. Congratulation Alan!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kelly Wight '11

Kelly writes, "I moved up to Boston in November, and got a freelance job as a Production Artist at Applewood Books in Carlisle, MA. Last week, after two months of searching in Boston, I was hired as a full-time Designer at Phoenix Media Communications Group, which publishes a weekly newspaper in Boston, Portland (ME), and Providence (RI), as well as a bi-weekly magazine. As a Designer there, I create, edit, and prepare all of the publications' advertisements to go to print, and am also learning to design for the web!"

Congratulations Kelly!